The Saint-Gobain Glass massive consumer advertising campaign kicks off this month (April 2011) with commercial radio station listeners being the first to hear how asking for PLANITHERM glass will give them the most energy efficient windows.


The radio activity will be followed by television commercials that start in May 2011, and accompanied by adverts in the leading home improvement magazines.

The television adverts – that will be aired on ITV channels 1 and 3, Sky channels, Channel 4, and More4 – will follow two women who go through the process of buying new windows.


Pam, a homely and traditional woman, and Fern, her scatty independent friend, have been neighbours and close friends for over ten years.  One of their favourite pastimes is discussing the latest news on the block, including them-over-the-road investing in new PLANITHERM windows. 

Having heard that these windows could save them money on their energy bills, Pam and her husband, Vern, decide to install energy-efficient windows. This leaves Fern slightly envious – and wanting to convince her partner, Sam, to also upgrade their windows. In addition, the couple discusses how PLANITHERM glass can help lower a home’s energy bills, and how finding a suitable installer is easy via the PLANITHERM Network.

“We’ve had a lot of fun creating these adverts,” Susan Lambeth, Saint-Gobain Glass senior product manager said. “Research that we conducted prior to making these adverts revealed that many homeowners didn’t equate the energy-efficiency of windows with the type of glass used. Launching Pam and Fern to television audiences should hopefully change all that!”


The advertising campaign has also received significant support from window installers and fabricators who have signed up to the associated PLANITHERM Network in their hundreds. Leads generated by consumer enquiries made to will be fed through to members of the PLANITHERM Installer Network, who will also benefit from ongoing marketing support, and a sales ‘support toolkit’, which includes: a guide to the Building Regulations; sales tips; consumer brochures; calling cards; and vehicle stickers. Retail showroom support is also available.

PLANITHERM fabricators will also receive a listing on the website, plus ongoing technical support.


“The doors are still wide open for other installers and fabricators who want to join the PLANITHERM Network and benefit from the increased exposure that PLANITHERM TOTAL+ is going to receive over the coming years,” Susan said. “Simply visit and sign up!”




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