Using recycled cullet has a directly positive effect on the reduction of manufacturing energy; but collecting it efficiently is a significant challenge.


For this reason, Saint-Gobain Glass UK has created an innovative cullet return scheme, which enables the utilisation of 30% recycled material in the manufacture of float glass - more than any other float glass producer. Over 100 customers in the UK and Ireland currently partake in the scheme, which recycles 38,000 tonnes annually.


Prior to 2005, only float glass could be recycled; now coated and mirrored glass can also be included, representing a major breakthrough. The process is simple; all we ask is that our customers fill the provided bags with their cullet (including non-Saint-Gobain glass), which is then returned on empty stillages to site. By returning cullet using an inloader rather than arranged transport, this helps to maximize the use of our existing fleet already on the road. We pay our customers each month based on the weight of the returned cullet.


The service is free to join, we offer all equipment free of charge and we offer full technical support, should our customers need it.