"More-is-less" with unique cullet recycling scheme

As landfill costs rocket again, with perfect timing Saint-Gobain Glass has published a CD and brochure to explain the company's unique cullet recycling scheme, once again proving that it is a leader in the green stakes and justifying its award as one of the greenest companies in The Sunday Times Green List.

Make money with cullet

As the landfill tax levied on councils rose from £32 to £40 per tonne on April 1st, there couldn't be a bigger incentive to send waste glass back to Saint-Gobain.

Called 'Cullet Returns with Saint-Gobain Glass – make money with cullet', the brochure outlines the recycling scheme and explains how glass processing companies, Saint-Gobain and the environment all benefit from it. The accompanying CD includes a video of the scheme in action, plus useful forms needed once companies take part, including a training presentation and a risk assessment form.

Explaining how the systems works, Susan Lambeth, Senior Product Manager for Saint-Gobain Glass, said: “All you have to do is fill the bags that we provide with cullet, which we will take away once full. We will then pay you monthly based on the weight of the cullet."

“The service is free to join, we provide all the equipment for free, and there is full technical support should you need it. But the best thing is that it ticks so many green boxes. Our new brochure and CD offer all the information you need to get up and running. And with landfill costs rising again from April 1st it makes even more sense to recycle cullet.”

30% recycled content

Saint-Gobain Glass UK uses 30% recycled cullet in the manufacture of its float glass – more than any other float glass producer. This diverts waste glass away from landfill, and uses less energy and fewer raw materials in the manufacturing process, which, in turn, produces less of the greenhouse gas CO2. In order to continually achieve this high figure, Saint-Gobain Glass pays glass processing companies for their waste cullet. Other benefits include: fewer empty lorries on the road; less raw material used; and cashback from Britain's greenest glass producer.

It sounds almost too good to be true. However, with this scheme everyone benefits, and glass processors can even use participation in this scheme to prove to customers their green credentials – which can help to win jobs, especially on public sector contracts.

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