Saint-Gobain Glass has announced the launch of the next generation of its hugely popular SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL product, making it easier than ever before to achieve cost-effective band C Window Energy Ratings, and making A ratings a viable

Called SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL+, the new product will fully replace the existing PLANITHERM TOTAL product and aims to offer at least 5KWh/m2/year WERs improvement over its predecessor – the equivalent of half a WERs band. While the optimum centre-pane U-value remains unchanged at 1.2 W/m2K, the g-value has increased to 0.71, often taking existing windows into the next band. The renowned neutral aesthetics and processing advantages remain as impressive as ever.

This development was pioneered in the UK, using the magnetron coating facility at Eggborough, and makes SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL+ the most energy efficient low-E glass for WERs on the market, standing head and shoulders above its competitors. “More C ratings than ever before are possible without using low-iron glass or warm edge – keeping the price of manufacturing down for window fabricators,” explained Sales and Marketing Director, Derek Dragten.  “The goal of this improvement has been to help fabricators and installers comfortably meet the proposed C rated minimum requirements of Document L of the Building Regulations using standard double glazed units for the majority of windows. Of course, with such a huge performance advantage coming from the coated glass element, A and B ratings are also more easily achievable, and “A+” ratings may be closer than previously thought”.

As with all products manufactured at Saint-Gobain Glass UK, SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL+ contains 30% recycled glass further reinforcing its environmental benefits. Not only does this divert waste away from landfill, less raw materials are used and transported to site (fewer lorries on the road) and less energy is required in manufacture further reducing emissions.

Derek Dragten, said: “The R&D team at SGG UK have been fully focused on making the best even better, and their hard work has proved that Saint-Gobain Glass is an innovative, market-led company. “It is widely regarded that without significant, cost-effective innovation A rated windows may not always be commercially viable. With this new glass, we hope to make A ratings a realistic option for every window fabricator and in doing so, help accelerate their actual use.”

Launched in March 2010, SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL+ is  a single stock product, allowing it to be used either annealed or toughened, and is fully backed by CE marking certification.


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