Saint-Gobain Glass is continuing its massive advertising campaign by sponsoring the England vs Barbarians rugby union match next Sunday (May 29) at Twickenham.

A highly anticipated match, rugby union fans will be able to see the adverts in the form of 6 x 30 second LED banners that run around the perimeter of the rugby pitch.

The Baa Baas recently beat South Africa and will be looking to make their mark against England, which is preparing for its summer internationals, and a number of players will be trying hard to get in the squad. All of which should contribute to an exciting game.

Saint-Gobain Glass’s sponsorship of the game forms part of a wider television, radio and lifestyle magazine advertising campaign to promote the benefits of thermally efficient glass – particularly PLANITHERM TOTAL+ – to the end user.

“While 30 men run around a pitch expending as much energy as possible for our entertainment, we’ll be advertising how spectators can save energy by choosing the right glass for their windows,” explained Craig Dodsworth, Residential market manager for Saint-Gobain Glass.

Window fabricators and installers will benefit directly from this campaign because leads generated by consumer enquiries made to will be fed through to members of the PLANITHERM Installer Network.

The Barbarian Rugby Club (also known as the Baa Baas) was formed in 1890, and membership is by invitation only – the only qualifications are that the player's rugby is of a high enough standard, and secondly that he should behave himself on and off the field.



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