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Saint-Gobain Glass Celebrates Five Years Of UK Innovation


Saint-Gobain's magnetron coater – the technology used to manufacture the SGG PLANITHERM range of coated glass – is celebrating five years of operation in the UK, and it is still the only one of its kind.

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"More-is-less" with unique cullet recycling scheme


As landfill costs rocket again, with perfect timing Saint-Gobain Glass has published a CD and brochure to explain the company's unique cullet recycling scheme, once again proving that it is a leader in the green stakes and justifying its award as one of the greenest companies in The Sunday Times Green List.

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The Hamster comes to Eggborough


TV star Richard Hammond visited Saint-Gobain Glass's Eggborough, Yorkshire float plant during filming of an episode of National Geographic Channel's popular 'Engineering Connections' series recently and took time out between filming to chat with local school children and staff

Richard Hammond visits Eggborough

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The Impressive Sound of SGG Stadip Silence


Saint-Gobain Glass is proving that it has the most modern range of products to meet today's glazing requirements, with the ongoing promotion of SGG STADIP SILENCE.

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Investors in People Award Silver Status to SGGUK


Eggborough-based Saint-Gobain Glass has been awarded 'Silver' status by Investors in People, coming very close to the ultimate 'Gold' status.

In assessing the company, Investors in People recognised that Saint-Gobain Glass was an established Investors in People (IiP) organisation, and that the company has a 'history of excellence', which has been positively recognised by other external bodies, including World Class Manufacturing, and the Times 100 Best Green Companies.

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Conservatory roofs to look up to


Saint-Gobain Glass is once again living up to a well-earned reputation for innovation in the flat glass market by launching SGG BIOCLEAN COOL-LITE AQUA GREEN.

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SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS named as one of UK's Top 50 Best Green Companies


Saint-Gobain Glass' UK plant has won The Sunday Times national award for training and motivation of staff on environmental issues and has also been named as one of UK's greenest companies in The Sunday Times' 50 Best Green Companies list to be published this weekend (Sunday 18 May).

Environmental Performance

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Launch of SGG PLANITHERM 4S brings new possibilities for the conservatory market


The SGG PLANITHERM range has been extended further, with the exciting launch of SGG PLANITHERM 4S, developed especially for conservatory glazing.


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New SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL sets higher standard for Window Energy Ratings


SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS has greatly improved the Window Energy Rating performance of its flagship energy efficient glass

The solar factor (g-value) of SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL has been increased by 2% to 0.66 for standard windows (0.71 with SGG DIAMANT low-iron glass outer pane) whilst maintaining the same low U-value of 1.2 W/m2.K, further optimising the balance between heat loss and solar heat gain.  This development signifies a turning point for the market, making cost effective energy saving windows easier to achieve than ever.

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Saint-Gobain Glass UK launches new mini-site dedicated to SGG BIOCLEAN!


www.selfcleaningglass.com is the all-new and exclusive mini-site dedicated to SGG BIOCLEAN dual-action self-cleaning glass!

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