The worldwide drive for sustainability is a tremendous positive influence on the glass industry. Saint-Gobain Glass is committed to the use of innovative materials and the development of products as well as technologies for a more sustainable future.


Globally, The Saint-Gobain Group invests more than £350 million annually in research and development.

The Saint-Gobain Glass range of products, while being relatively energy intensive to produce, can, due to their energy saving properties “pay back” that energy in a matter of a few months once they have been installed in an office or dwelling.


A TNO (Netherlands Institute for Applied Scientific Research) study concluded that low-E glass (such as the SGG PLANITHERM range) can offset its carbon cost of manufacture in just 10 and a half months when used to replace standard double glazing, making it carbon positive for the rest of its lifetime. The payback time is further reduced if it replaces older single glazing in buildings.